You Need a Customer Relationship Management System

September 6, 2019
Team Wherk
WHERK Blog: 3 Reasons You Need a CRM

Think about any office setting from any 80s movie, and chances are there was a scene with a giant Rolodex on the desk. These rotating file devices were the method of choice when it came to storing a customer’s critical contact information. If you’re on the fence about migrating from a system that uses paper, check out these three reasons why it’s very important to have a CRM system.

Improve how you communicate with your customers

We’ve already talked about how a CRM system can house your customers’ important details like phone numbers and addresses. Where it starts to really move the needle is the way it can empower you to tailor your touches with every customer. Each customer’s record in the CRM system has a multitude of fields that you can complete to build a profile about that contact’s likes and dislikes. For instance, let’s say you have a client in another time zone. Your CRM system can alert you of this time change so you don’t risk calling too early or too late. How about if your contact doesn’t want you to call at all and would just prefer to chat over email? A CRM system can tell you that too. For industries that face the reality of employee turnover, a CRM can help with the continuity for the next rep who takes over the account.

Track and report on your hits and misses

Depending on your line of work, you may find yourself or others making many phone calls throughout the day. You won’t find an easier or more comprehensive way of notating the result of those calls than with a CRM system. Imagine calling 10 warm prospects for new business in a single day. That could be 10 different companies in 10 different cities in 10 different states—or they all could be in your neighborhood. A CRM system allows you to categorize those contacts appropriately with labels of your choice, like “contacts,” “leads,” “prospects” or “inactive.” You can also report on this data to identify areas of strength or opportunities to improve. Instead of blindly throwing darts at contacts you think you haven’t called in a while, just run a report to ensure you’re dialing the right digits.

Find efficiencies to free up time

How many times have you found yourself so busy that you forget to call back or email a potential customer? Finding efficiencies through automation is one of a CRM system’s greatest benefits. Whether it’s using the system for something as mundane as completing a form or as crucial as delivering that post-pitch follow-up, automation can free up your time so that you can reach more customers in a meaningful way. Time and your customers’ data are your most valuable assets—shouldn’t you be doing what you can to preserve them?

WHERK Home Service Software includes a CRM system

Our home service software is the solution to many problems but it’s especially impactful for businesses in search of a better way to save and act on customer data. We can also enable a customized approach to automated emails and text alerts that fit your business model’s needs. If you’re interested in learning more about how we facilitate smooth and enjoyable customer interactions, request a WHERK demo session today.