Customer Relations and Retention for Small Businesses

September 12, 2019
Team Wherk
WHERK blog - How Software Can Improve Customer Relations and Retention for Small Businesses

Business software can help you manage your workforce, budget, work orders, and billing and invoicing. But while a great deal of attention is being paid to how these platforms can enhance productivity and support optimization, they also create the foundation for powerful connections between businesses and their customers. Software focused on customers, is commonly referred to as a customer relationship manager (CRM). The most comprehensive CRMs can impact the way businesses access and interpret customer data, and launching marketing campaigns for securing retention. These programs transform phone calls, and even website visits into actionable data that feed conversions, retention, and growth. Here we share some of the ways in which this software can help your small business. Improving customer relationships and retention rates.

Keep Detailed Customer Profiles

In the past, small businesses had a “customer profile” that was a vague combination of work orders, invoices, and spreadsheets. CRMs can provide small businesses with a database that automatically tracks and collects customer information. This data includes past transactions, contact information, communications preferences, website, and social media links. It all adds up to a comprehensive rendering of each of your customers and potential customers-details that can be used to empower future sales and long-term retention.

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Cultivate Retention with Compelling Promotions 

CRMs keep detailed customer profiles and allow small businesses to create a tailor-made marketing campaign that will likely trigger conversions. A renovation firm might craft targeted promotions based on the specifics of a past client. The more data, the more compelling marketing campaigns, and sales pitches. The utility of a customer relationship platform gives the ability to gather all different types of data. Piece all the data together, and your business knows exactly what a prospective customer is looking for. Customer relationship managers help businesses follow up through phone, text, and email, gathering customer information and ensuring those you do business with are satisfied. 

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Utilize CRM Analytics 

The latest business software is able to take collected data and turn it into insightful figures. Small business owners can now analyze and act upon what they feel is a priority for their company. CRM analytics can show various conversion rates for example. They might include the effectiveness of your website, your social media platforms, and which one of your customers represents the greatest revenue streams. More enticing is the comparative analytics that these platforms can produce.

Your CRM might find that only 10 percent of your website’s visitors make it to your product and services page, the 50 percent that do reach the page end up contacting you by phone. With that insight, your own task becomes clear: how do I get more of my web site’s visitors to reach the products and services page? After that—in this scenario, at least—much of the customer journey seems to take care of itself. Comparative analytics are the epitome of actionable data. They will show you what aspects of your sales are running smoothly, and, more importantly, where these pain points are. 

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