Small Business Software is a Must for Success

September 20, 2019
Team Wherk
WHERK Blog: Your Small Business Needs Home Service Software

A plumber has a better chance of clearing a clog with a toilet auger than with a curling iron. Likewise, a hairdresser probably wouldn’t get much use out of a pipe wrench. For home service businesses, there are specific sets of tools that are unique to that line of work. Some assets span across all industries and serve a universal need. To fill a void that service businesses may encounter, here are three quick ways that WHERK Home Service Software can benefit your small business. Regardless of the industry.

Improve Communication Internally and Externally with Software

Show us a company that consistently fails to communicate, and we’ll show you a company that is out of business. Whether you’re relaying scheduling details, or delivering an invoice to a customer, being able to articulate details of a job is crucial for success. At WHERK, we designed our home service software around effortless communication. Because our cloud-based solution serves as a centralized hub of client information and work orders, your employees will always know where to look and when there’s a job to do.

We offer a customizable software solution with permission-based access. This means you are free to choose which (or as few) employees you want to be able to give access to. Plus, technicians use our software via a mobile device, so there’s never any lag in work order updates. As soon as the job is complete, so is the work order.

Unsure how home service software will work for your small business? Check out our post discussing that issue.

Increase Productivity Across Your Business

We happen to think that time is any company’s most valuable commodity. Something even plumbers and hairdressers would agree with. As you review the course of your day, what are some areas that you spend more time than you think you should? For many of the home service businesses we talk with, it’s around things like data entry, scheduling, and dispatching. Enter WHERK’s home service software, your new productivity booster, and time saver.

Our solution frees up time for your already stretched-thin staff so that they can refocus their efforts elsewhere. Gone are the days of jotting down customer information on multiple pieces of paper. No more stapling the information to a work order and physically passing it along to a dispatcher. Then a dispatcher hands it off to a technician. WHERK’s connected digital platform provides one single source for the entire work order management lifecycle. Including invoice delivery and collection. With WHERK’s home service software, you can have money deposited into your account in less than 30 minutes. Receiving prompt payment is a win for any business.

Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Customers

Today’s customers expect more than ever before. That means home service businesses of all types must be prepared to meet those demands. Fortunately, WHERK can help. With our software, you can create, schedule, send automated emails, and even text customers directly with updates or reminders.

No customer wants to feel like they’re trapped in their home because of your six-hour arrival window. The intelligent routing our software creates for technicians means you’re able to provide a more realistic arrival time. The centralized database we offer also means that technicians arrive ready to work. They will know what to expect and what they need for that particular job.

The Software Your Small Business Needs

Late arrivals, unprepared technicians and lost paperwork will hurt even the best of businesses. WHERK’s home service software can help you tackle those problems and more. If you’re ready to get productive, get started with a free trial today.