Employee Relations and Home Service Software

September 24, 2019
Team Wherk
WHERK blog - Three Ways that Home Service Software Helps Small Business Owners with Employee Relations

As a small business owner, there’s a good chance you’ve been in a position where you felt it best to go with your gut. There are times where taking an analytical approach and reviewing the facts to determine value is the right move. But, occasionally, there are rare opportunities where your gut and statistics align, and the answer is clear. Deciding to use home service software to augment your employee relations is one of those times, and we’re going to give you three reasons why. We think both your head and your gut will agree.

1) You can now put your employees in a position to succeed

No one likes when they’re asked to do something they aren’t comfortable with—especially when it’s at work. Did you know more than half of the American workforce is currently unhappy at work? If that’s the case, why would you assign a task to an employee that doesn’t feel equipped to handle it? With WHERK home service software, that shouldn’t ever happen again.

WHERK’s robust, cloud-based software solution offers you the chance to add pertinent data about each employee into your dashboard. This detail can be basic contact information, but also any special skills, certifications or licenses held. For instance, let’s say you have an employee who is particularly skilled at a particular type of repair. You can enter that information into the software and use it as a resource when scheduling new jobs.

2) You can now provide real-time and meaningful constructive criticism

Despite the negative connotation it carries, criticism doesn’t have to always be a bad thing. In fact, many experts say it’s one of the best ways to grow and improve as an employee. The challenge that many business owners and managers struggle with is providing feedback that is both relevant and actionable.

One way that WHERK home service software can help with this is with our vehicle and personnel tracking. Our software tells you where your employees are driving, how fast they’re driving, and if they’re driving irresponsibly. Take the time to use this data as a coaching lesson with your employees. This both saves you money and could keep your employees safer by rectifying any dangerous habits, such as idling. Human resources pundits suggest that this type of feedback is best delivered continuously, not just once a year. Your employees will appreciate the effort.

3) You can now recognize employees for good work when they deserve it

Global surveys indicate that employees value receiving recognition over things like higher pay and promotions. When asked for the most important attribute in a new job something as simple as a pat on the back can have a significant impact. It will also have an impact on employee morale and of course, their general outlook on work.

The WHERK home service software allows for the uploading of rich media like photos and videos within the work order. When your technicians upload photos of a complete job, take the time to review, and recognize those who go above and beyond.

WHERK Home Service Software can enhance your employee relations efforts

Employees are the lifeblood of any organization, so it’s crucial that you prioritize employee relations as part of your operations. A home service software like the solution provided by WHERK can supply the framework needed to ease that burden.

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