Use Home Service Software to Better Manage Your Finances

December 23, 2019
Team Wherk
WHERK Blog: Home Service Software for Better Financial Management

When you’re a small home service business it can feel like you have the weight of the company on your shoulders. Not only performing duties that your customers require, but you also have all the backend obligations. Wearing that hat means that you must stay plugged-in to all aspects of company operations. It can be challenging to keep track of all of these moving parts. If there is one area where you simply can’t afford to make a mistake, it’s in the handling of finances. WHERK Home Service Software is helping businesses like yours control, manage, and report on their finances. Here are just a few ways showing how.

Automate expense submissions

Field technicians spend a lot of time on the road. This can result in a lot of unplanned stops and purchases. Do you dread combing through receipts? When it comes time to reconcile these charges, you’ll love how simple it is to use WHERK’s software to automate your expense reports. Simply snap a photo of the receipt and upload it into our user-friendly interface directly from their mobile device. We’ll alert you when there’s a submission pending review and you can approve or reject the claim on the spot. You can also assign other employees with permissions to view and approve specific claims, freeing up your time to focus on other priorities.

Monitor your employees’ time

Depending on your business, there’s a good chance that your employees’ time is your biggest expenditure. You should be keeping a close watch on timesheets as your bottom line depends on it. WHERK home service software makes paper timesheets a thing of the past. We’ll help migrate your employees over to our cloud-based software which allows for much more precise clock management. You can also approve timesheets, accept time-off requests and set guidelines around over-time.

Our solution also enables employees to better track how much time they’re spending on each job. This will give business owners improved insights into efficiency and productivity. Valuable data like this can be important to analyze when you’re evaluating company performance and revenue. If you’d like to learn more about how this small business software can work for your business, click here.

Get paid promptly

With WHERK’s home service software, you’ll receive payment six-times faster than traditional methods. How? Because we offer a convenient credit card payment option that lets businesses process payments in near real-time. Today’s customers expect businesses to take credit cards and to be able to offer that as a payment method- safely and securely—This is bound to score you some points with both new and repeat customers.

Learn how WHERK can help you better control your finances

Expense submissions, timesheets and collecting payment are just a few of the ways we are able to make your business more efficient and profitable. With WHERK’s comprehensive and customizable reporting functionality, you’ll be able to review data on each of these modules. If you’re interested in seeing first-hand how WHERK can work for you, submit a request for a demo session with one of our experts today.