Home Service Businesses: Software 101

August 20, 2019
Team Wherk
WHERK Blog: Home Service Software - What It Is and Why You Need It

Home service businesses often face the task of doing more with less. Having enough of something can always be a huge challenge. If your challenge is a shortage in the budget or having time constraints, many home service businesses are turning to software and automation. For those business owners who may not be aware of home service software, there are a number of common questions. Here, we’ve put together some brief answers.

What is Business Management Software?

Let’s start with the most basic of questions. Home service software improves all processes related to the management of many functions, including work orders, fleet vehicles, scheduling, routing, inventory, and billing and invoicing. This software is a tool used to track everyday operations for a company that includes field technicians and a rotating cast of clients. These functions are accessible via mobile devices, and this connectivity is bridging the gap between field workers and those in the office.

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Why do I need Software?

The benefits you receive from adding home service software to your business will generally fall under the two “E”s: Efficiency and Effectiveness. One of the most significant ways your business will become more efficient is through seamless communication. With software that is mobile-friendly, you’ll be putting information in the palms of your technician’s hands regardless of their location. Being that these cloud-based solutions serve as a centralized database, it makes everyone’s job easier.

Thanks to our real-time route guidance, you can expect your technician to arrive at the job faster. This type of intelligent routing helps drivers avoid traffic delays and construction, presenting the most precise and efficient route possible.

When it comes to effectiveness, it’s simply impossible to serve customers when you’re running out of materials. A good service software system helps you to get a better grasp of inventory control and will ensure that your technician is adequately prepared, avoiding rescheduled appointments.

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WHERK helps businesses become more efficient and more effective

We have designed and built our home service software with process improvement in mind. It’s a robust platform that can greatly benefit service-driven businesses in all industries. We believe that your solution should be unique to you, with customizable modules and dashboards. To learn more about how WHERK’s home service software can help you, schedule your free demo today.