Employee Satisfaction: 3 Simple Methods

December 1, 2019
Team Wherk
WHERK Blog: 3 Ways to Set Up Your Office for Employee Satisfaction

 aIn September 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median number of years that wage and salary workers had been with their current employer, was just over four years. What does this all mean? It means the workplace is now a jungle gym. Gone are the days of 50-year employment tenures with one company. Today’s workforce understands that growth and advancement come from outside their own organization.  Nowadays, they’re not afraid to make a move.

Job-hopping often puts the employer in a bind.  Doing the employee shuffle can result in a loss of productivity and time.  The recruiting and onboarding process can lengthy.  Employees tend to think outside of their salary when it comes to their overall satisfaction at work. Things like free coffee and foosball tables, office design, and amenities have become increasingly important parts of the equation. If you’re struggling with employee retention, here are three easy ways to design your office for success and employee satisfaction.

Light it up

Do you often see people around the office clutching their head or squinting? A study performed by Cornell University’s Department of Design and Environmental Analysis showed that workers in offices with optimized natural light had an 84% drop in eyestrain, resulting in fewer headaches and blurry vision. If you’re concerned about the elements outside causing a distraction, you shouldn’t be. The study said that workers sitting near a window reported a 2% increase in productivity.  We understand that an office layout may not allow all employees to be near a window.  As an example, move any light-obstructing furniture out of the way of windows.  Making sure that the natural rays always shine in.

Allow employees to break free from their desks.  For employees who are stuck behind a computer all day, a break-out space is always a great idea.  It can spur productivity and a comfortable, peaceful place for employees to collaborate.  Try incorporating modular furniture that can easily move. Along with whiteboards or glass that employees can use as writable walls for brainstorm sessions.

These creatively designed spaces shouldn’t only be for working. Employees can use them for brain breaks, snacks, private phone calls or even meditation. Research indicates the most productive employees will work for 52 minutes before needing to take a 17-minute break.

Learn more about happy employees here: A Work/Life Balance and Why it Matters.

Plant some new ideas

Don’t ever discount the importance of a good houseplant. A paper published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that workspaces were enriched by simply having plants in the office. The same research found that plants in the office improved employees’ memory retention substantially.  Employees were 15% more productive. 

With just a few small changes, these office tweaks can make your employees more satisfied and more productive. The happier the employee, the more inclined they are to stay.  Being in a workspace that encourages holistic health and satisfaction will certainly help your recruiting efforts.