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Our Story

Work Made Easier

WHERK Home Service Software was developed specifically with small business owners in mind. They often struggle to operate efficiently and profitably on a day-to-day basis in the modern, automated business world.

Our company discovered that these small businesses were typically still operating with manual processes and paper invoices, missing customer calls due to insufficient phone or email retrieval personnel, and using outdated software that simply can’t keep up with today’s modern business practices and still be able to remain both productive and profitable.

WHERK Home Service Software has one goal: Simplify small business owners’ lives and help their businesses grow!

With larger corporations typically having the capital and the resources to purchase highly advanced software and the ability to operate faster and more profitably than the small business owner, WHERK set out to develop a system that was both affordable and user-friendly for the small business owner, yet equally as efficient and productive as the software being used by Fortune 500 companies.

WHERK Home Service Software’s mission: WORK MADE EASIER.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WHERK?

WHERK is a home service software. WHERK helps small home services businesses get organized from the bottom up. This includes everything from scheduling to routing and dispatch, keeping track of employees on the road, invoicing, and collecting payments. WHERK combines all the separate, manual parts of daily operations and streamlines your business to save time, money, and increase customer satisfaction.

What does WHERK do?

WHERK takes in all of your current and new customer data, billing processes, scheduling, and employee details to create a simple interface for you to run your business. With separate desktop views for management, office staff, and a mobile application for crews handling work orders, your whole team will have access to the information they need to complete their work and ensure accurate data and accountability.

What are the benefits of using WHERK Home Service Software?

WHERK is built for the small business owner. We understand that you’re on the go and usually won’t be at a desktop. WHERK takes the same functions that powerful, enterprise-level software offers and distills it down to suit small business management needs, in an easy-to-use mobile solution.